Loading the camera

First, trim the leader off the film, cutting the edge as squarely as possible.  If the film stub from the empy canister is not cut squarely across, trim it square too.

Pull out a little more film and thread the film through the matchbox.  Make sure the emulsion side (non-shiny side) is facing the pinhole


Using some clear sticky tape, splice the ends of the film together as neatly as possible.  Try to make sure the edges are lined up together so the film can pass easily into the empty canister.  Tape both sides and make sure the joint is secure.

Slide the match tray back into the box


Turn the spindle of the empty film caniser so that the slack film is wound into it.  Make sure the edges of each film canister are pushed up tight to the matchbox and no film can be seen.


The film is now loaded, but needs to be made light tight

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