Deciding how far to wind the film on between each photo can be a bit tricky.  If you wind on too far, film is wasted. Wind on too little and you get double exposures.  Here's a way to accurately wind on between each photo.

You need some fairly stiff plastic which is thin, springy and curved.  The spine of a spiral ring binder is deal.  Cut off one of the loops


Take the new film canister.  Place the pointed end of the plastic so that it just enters one of the sprocket holes of the film


 Tape the plastic to the film canister securely.  Test the clicker by gently pulling out some film. The clicker should ride on the back of the film smoothly and make a click as it drops into the sprocket holes. It does? Good! It doesn't? Remove the tape, wind the film back into the canister again try repositioning the clicker slightly.

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